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In various countries all around the world it is well known that, including Israel, already realized, that despite the police – the The authority who is responsible for our domestic security isn’t always capable of doing so, due to large number of investigations it has to conduct simultaneously, so another authority is needed in order to complete the society’s needs. This is when investigation offices appear and evolve apart from the police’s activity, while using similar techniques. As years passed by, Israel witnessed the appearance of more than few independent investigation offices, with Investigations Team being the leading one in its class, providing advanced investigation solutions for over 20 years.

During the years, Investigations Team offered all kind of services in the investigation field, including: financial investigations, private investigations, matrimonial investigations, surveillance, detection, polygraph, spreading private investigators according to local areas, high expertise in divorce. Investigations Team.

Investigations Team company advocates excellence and providing high-quality, quick, efficient, reliable and advanced service for its clients. The directors Tzion Yifrach and Itzik Ben Atar obtained all the licenses, authorized by the Ministry of Justice. Their work is dictated and organized according to the specified laws of the Private Investigation field.

The advantages of Investigations Team Company

The Investigations Team Company has numerous advantages. Its aim is to work in the most reliable and professional way.

One of the cornerstones of Investigations Team Company is reliability and integrity. The professionals who work for the Company are the best in their field and were chosen carefully. There are few elementary characteristics that are necessary for any private investigator in order to perform professionally and to succeed. A private investigator the Company is expected to have the following qualities: sharp eye, assertiveness, attentiveness, fast thinking, creativity, intelligence, improvisation skill, and responsibility. Investigations Team Company employs only the best trained professionals, selected very carefully.

Investigations Team – efficient and dedicated service

Investigations Team provides services to its clients for long years. The Investigations Team Company is always open for new clients, but it also gained permanent clientele who are always interested in their services. The institutions cooperating with Investigations Team services are: banks, government institutions, private offices, business clients, attorney offices, and more.

In addition to investigation services, the company also provides the opportunity to purchase advanced and high-tech equipment for investigations and further provides professional consulting for tools such as: security cameras, recording equipment etc.

The connection with “Kolbotek” show

While working extensively in the investigation fields, it is noteworthy that Investigations
Team Company is cooperating with “Kolbotek” during the last few years, and helping the producers to find creative and reliable solutions. The show used the services of Investigations Team Company in order to solve complex situations and mysteries. The Investigations Team Company possesses all the required information and technological equipment in order to offer the television media the most dedicated and effective solutions. The Investigations Team Company hires only the best investigators; most of them have background in the Police force and different security agencies. Being this qualified, the investigators hired by Investigations Team performing they work in the most efficient way, and achieve the best results. The Investigations Team Company is pleased to help in finding the solutions for the most complicated situations, and invites every visitor to have a look on the website and the persons behind the company. These days, in a state where security is the highest priority – it’s reassuring to know that there’s a company that can provide easy solution for common problems. The Investigations Team Company provides various solutions for many situations and always does it in the best fashion. The fundamental principles that the company is built on is mutual trust, professionalism and responsibility – this is actually the company’s cornerstone.